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If you’re ready to say YES, dive in, and change your life—beginning on a cellular, energetic, and soul level—you’ve come to the right place for personal evolution.

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Ready to get unstuck? To evolve? In this latest webinar, Fusing Vibrant Health and Soul, L.R. Heartsong outlines the basics of Full Spectrum Healing, along with regenerating the body and brain, to embody one’s largest soul purpose.

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Signature Coaching

Transform Your Health in 10 weeks to Embody Your Soul Purpose

“An evolutionary journey that opens body, mind, and spirit to new adventures and continued renewal.”—RC, program participant


“Participating in this program is the best investment I have ever made in my well-being. As a result of this program, my sense of what is possible for myself and for our world has expanded.”


“After a year of constant stress leading to full blown adrenal fatigue, I am slowly but surely building my energy back. Choosing to make health and healing my priority by working with LR Heartsong in his Evolutionary Health program is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


“I wanted to feel better with more energy and I definitely got that! I also felt very heard and understood, which is rare and a big deal for me. You saw and pointed out some things about me that I was still struggling to see in myself, and I’m forever grateful. I feel I’m becoming whole, seeing myself more clearly, and I can’t imagine the health of body and soul ever being separate again.


“I just want to express my immense gratitude to you. I always feel clearer, more grounded, more expansive and excited abut all the possibilities ahead after our weekly connection. River, I wish to follow in your footsteps in helping people get clear and learn to nourish themselves… this is such a missing element in our culture and so very needed to be able to handle the rapid pace and stress we live under today and ward off health crisis. Your course has been the most empowering thing I have ever given to myself. It/You have brought such a sweet connection of self love and nourishment for my body/soul.”


Although ‘transformative’ is a term often over-used, it is the best way to describe the impact of this program. Thank you, River, for enriching my life and for serving as a thoughtful, soulful guide during an important transition in my life.”


“Thank you, River, for the love, support, guidance, stories, imaginal pods, Evolutionary Health, and everything else you share! A journey beyond journeys.


“Who knows how much I would have eventually spent on my poor health or trying different approaches again and again on my own over the years? The personal attention, guidance and community were invaluable. I lost 20 lbs, my digestion is much more stable, I came out of a stupor of fatigue, and am feeling creative again. My brain functions better to perform at work, and I finally have the energy to start a consistent movement practice again!”

The Program:

At the end of 2018, deep in the Peruvian Amazon, nearing the end of a month-long deep cleanse and initiation with Shipibo shamans, L.R. Heartsong realized that his work with clients was evolving in a new direction. Whereas he had long considered his various offerings—books, e-column(s), individual sessions, etc.—to be about soulful nourishment, going forward the focus would be helping people become clear in their bodysoul. In particular, the physical and energetic aspects of achieving true health.

What is it you are here to do on the planet at this time with your “one wild and precious life?” And are you stuck at a certain level—low energy,  uninspired, dis-ease, or general un-health—unclear on how to get further with your soul purpose, or discovering that, if you’re still looking?

What if you could entirely regenerate your body, including your brain and microbiome, as well as your biofield? (You can, by the way.) Might that affect everything in life, including your very soul…? (Yes, it does.)

River’s focus is assisting “seekers” transform their health on ALL levels (physical, energetic, quantum) in order to fully embody their soul purpose in the world—employing the very tools he used to heal himself from a healing crisis in 2016 and regenerate, but in a radically condensed time frame… just ten weeks!

This program is an evolutionary way of working for River: not only for the ten-module format and being able to work with more people than a hands-on practice thanks to distance technology, but also in synthesizing the knowledge assembled from more than a two-decade journey with food and healing, while merging realms of energy, consciousness, and soul purpose—where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Participants engage in weekly one-on-one coaching (via Zoom video conferencing), progressing through the ten modules & building blocks of the program; there is also a weekly master class that covers in-depth material, along with a private Facebook group for further support and camaraderie.

Evolution doesn’t happen in the status quo, it occurs at the fringes: the 1% versus the 99%.

If you’re content with remaining where you are, comfortably NOT pushing your edge, this program isn’t for you. However, IF you’re in the one percent truly seeking to evolve, this uniquely transforming program may be exactly what you’ve needed to finally launch. Because health—and being clear—supports your larger soul purpose in the world. 

This is an unparalleled opportunity. As River points out, no one else is bringing together ALL the pieces of Full Spectrum Healing in a wholistic, integrated offering rooted in heart, soul, energy and earth. Whether you’re in California, New York, London, or pretty much anywhere, at the end of this 10-week intensive, here are just a few of the results you’ll achieve—because your health and soul are not really separate, and you’ll be given keys to transformation:

  • Understand the basics and levels of Evolutionary Health, and how you can regenerate the bodysoul—including the human biofield
  • Feel vibrant, glowing, and alive: increased energy, mental clarity, stable blood sugar, reduced cravings, quenched inflammation, fat loss
  • Know the importance of ten key “B’s”, including BodySoul, Balance, Biochemistry, Biome, Brain, Bioforce, and more
  • Establish a practice of embodied wellness, soulful nourishment, and energetic & evolutionary health
  • Support the essential gut–brain connection; restore your microbiome, heal your brain, and transform your life
  • Embrace ‘energetic nutrition’ & quantum healing
  • Tap the intelligence of your cells and microbes for optimum wellbeing
  • Shift your biochemistry and rewire the brain to begin unraveling the effects of addiction, depression, trauma and PTSD
  • Expand and regenerate your neural network for increased access to the neocortex, facilitating new ways of thinking, heightened creativity, higher states of awareness, and shamanic consciousness
  • Know how to undertake the Evolutionary Shift, a 30-day reset for health
  • Appreciate how plants and their medicines help us evolve into higher states of health, including activating and regulating our genome expression patterns
  • Create an evolutionary diet and lifestyle that builds and maintains the integrity of your cells and biofield, the blueprint for health
  • Realize that the Universe is emerging through you, and energetic health facilitates that evolution
  • Feel how a regenerated body & biofield radically supports soul purpose in the world (or discovering it, if you’re still seeking)
  • Be empowered to make a difference in others’ lives using your unique gifts and talents, while feeling healthy and clear

“I’m THRILLED to have launched the Evolutionary BodySoul signature program, by all the positive response, and gifts of working with amazing clients who continue to reap unimagined results even after the course… because they have the keys to being healthy, clear, and soulfully-connected for LIFE!”

Watch the NEW 5-minute introduction, a special invitation for personal transformation.

A few key points:

~ The Evolutionary BodySoul 10-week program is the gateway to working directly with River; he no longer offers individual sessions because results come from Full Spectrum Healing as a unique, powerful synthesis and whole

~ Due to the number of clients River can work with and deliver unrivaled support for the journey of transformation, spaces in the program are limited

~ This program is an investment, both on your end and River’s. He is only interested in working with those individuals who are “all in” for moving beyond their comfortable limitations, who are ready and willing to make a deep commitment to their healing and purpose in the world

Does this strike a chord in your soul? Ready to know more? Schedule a free consultation! 

Forthcoming Book

It’s almost here! L.R. Heartsong’s third book, Evolutionary Health: Unlock the Power of Full Spectrum Healing & Embody Your Soul Purpose.

Are you on a spiritual and soulful path, seeking to bring your authentic gifts to the world and make a vital difference (maybe even launch a movement!), but your health isn’t at the level where it truly empowers that passion?

Are you looking for ways to get unstuck and reach the next higher level of physical, emotional, and energetic well-being—boundless energy, optimal weight, strong immunity, clear mind, expanded awareness, glowing skin, bright eyes, lightness of being—where you thrive as an evolutionary soul?

If yes, then this new book is your golden ticket! In the pages, L.R. Heartsong guides you through an essential process of transformation wherein, just like the proverbial caterpillar in its cocoon, the old, limited self dissolves while the latent, inactive nodes—the “imaginal buds”—of your matrix link up into a newly dreamed being. The soul-powered, utterly vibrant YOU.

Companion to the Evolutionary BodySoul signature program, this forthcoming book is an evolution in itself—a strikingly different approach than anything River has previously delivered. Accessible. Concise. Direct. Created not only to inspire but to help readers gain many of the tangible results that come from working directly with him as a healer, coach, and guide.

Within the cover, discover the 10 “B’s” of Full Spectrum Healing—the same tools which helped Heartsong recover from a dramatic healing crisis, followed by a launch into undreamt realms of vibrant health where his soul purpose is fully embodied through the powerful healing work he does with clients.

Mirroring the 10-week signature program, each of the book’s chapters focuses on one of ten key evolutionary building blocks: BodySoul, Balance, Biochemistry, Biome, Brain, Biofield, and more. Every chapter gives you straightforward steps, a ‘nuts and bolts’ approach, to rebuilding and regenerating your body, not only on the physical level but a quantum one.

In River’s words, “I am delivering a book that can change your life if you’re willing to follow the path, putting the principles into practice. Evolutionary Health gives you the tools and information to move into uncharted realms of embodied, radical wellness in support of your soul purpose.”

Register to download a FREE copy of the book when it’s released this autumn!

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Registering with Evolutionary BodySoul places you on the mailing list for Soul Quests, (L.R. Heartsong’s primary website). You will receive occasional newsletters with latest happenings, speaking events, book releases, workshops and more [TendingSacred, Embodied Soul Podcast (ESP), Evolutionary BodySoul]— and you can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you for following!