L.R. Heartsong

Healer, Chef gone Renegade, Award-winning Author, Soul Coach & Personal Catalyst

Are you ready to be clear in body, mind, spirit and soul, and to utterly transform your life? 
Are you looking to embody true wellness on ALL levels in order to fully inhabit your deepest authenticity, power, and soul purpose… to evolve? 
Are you ready to break free of what has limited you for too long, to face your Shadow, and stop playing small or ‘safe’?
Do you believe it’s possible to regenerate the body and brain?
Are you on the planet at this time to bring something in service to mankind and the Larger Story?

❧ ❧ ❧

IF you can truly answer YES to these questions, I can guide you towards those answers and help you become clear—body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.

I’m L.R. Heartsong—or River, to my friends and clients. For more than twenty-five years, in a variety of modalities—integrative bodywork, somatic psychotherapy, plant and energy medicine, soul-based coaching, and shamanic healing—as well as men’s groups, workshops, and sacred ceremonies, I have helped others discover their path of heart, wild soul, and deepest transformation. As an Earth healer, I teach an embodied, healing connection with life, nature, and the Soul of the World. Yet more than that, I fuse vibrant health with soul and consciousness.

Following my initial bodywork education at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in the early 1990’s, I trained in Hakomi Integrative Somatics (now called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy), a body-based approach to trauma resolution. I subsequently became a certified Watsu therapist (warm water bodywork), an Ayurvedic educator, aromatherapist, and a Paris-trained chef—briefly a cook for the rich and famous until I found my way back to the healing arts.

In 2016, already a healer for more than two decades, having returned to the States after years of living in Europe where my first book was written, unexpectedly I toppled into an extreme healing crisis. My biofield—the energetic template for the body—largely collapsed; rapidly, I spiraled down into poor health, chronic fatigue, and became disabled with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Barely able to get out of bed, unable to work, the illness plunged me into deep shadows of despair but it also launched a profoundly mysterious journey. I was led first to an unconventional Medical Qigong master, then to radically restructuring my diet (and emphasizing dandelions!), and ultimately into a rigorous shamanic initiation and in-depth apprenticeship with sacred plant medicines—including extended time in the Peruvian Amazon, learning from Shipibo shamans and vegetalistas.

For two and a half years through this passage, I continued to refine my diet and emphasize healing foods: focusing on the gut – brain connection, restoring the microbiome, emphasizing low-glycemic and anti-inflammatory, as well as cutting anything that did not support optimum health. I also focused upon energetic health: foods with high bioforce/prana, practicing daily ‘earthing’, Qigong, avoiding prolonged exposure to WiFi, mobile phones, EMF’s/ELF’s, along with further supportive practices to support and maintain the biofield. 

In late 2018, feeling strong, healthy, and dramatically transformed—almost thirty pounds lighter, along with a completely regenerated biome, brain, and biofield—I finally returned to a hands-on practice with clients, carrying a powerful ‘medicine bundle’ of healer’s tools and allies. Moreover with the newfound understanding that my work is to help others become clear in their bodysoul, just as I had done, emphasizing the physical, energetic, and spiritual building blocks of Full Spectrum Healing. Health and soul are not really separate. With ever greater clarity, I understand firsthand that as we shift our inner environment (cellular, nutrition, thoughts and beliefs, energetic, etc.) we change our chemistry, switch on latent or new abilities, and even begin to unwind the effects of trauma in the brain.  Healing is an evolution in bodysoul.

Healers, allies, guides and teachers come in many forms, human and ‘other’, helping us move beyond the places where we get stuck, clinging to our patterns. I advocate that our work is not only to heal ourselves and become clear, but to bring more awareness and transformation to the planet.

Each of us has an essential gift to offer, and the clearer we are—body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit—the more brightly we shine our light. We are here to heal the generations and Earth… and it begins with you and me.

❧ ❧ ❧

L.R. Heartsong

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